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Cadalic Esclade, Tour Vehicle

When I'm not publishing the Greater Yellowstone Resource Guide, I'm taking Cadillics where they have never been before.


Daryl L. Hunter

The Greater Yellowstone Resource Guide evolved from the Upper Valley Free Press that was established in 1999, a publication for the Southern Yellowstone Region; we grew. In 2001 we decided to include all the communities encompassing the Greater Yellowstone.

Publishing the Greater Yellowstone Resource Guide has been such an enriching experience, I have had to photography as many nook and crannies of this amazing region to the best of my ability.   As a photographer it made me seek out places I have never thought of, as well as fulfilling my obsessive compulsive wanderlust to explore gaps in maps with my footsteps or wheel tracks To this day I am amazed at the lesser known gems of nature I find.

Other "Too Many Irons LLC" enterprises include The Hole Picture a stock photo company. The Hole Picture Safaris, a National Park tour company and my online Print Gallery.


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