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How the website is constructed

How the website is constructed

The Greater Yellowstone Recourse Guide is constructed as an umbrella resource for the communities of the Greater Yellowstone Region. There is the general overall representation of the region, then the two National Parks and 14 communities which are separate individual community websites under the Greater Yellowstone umbrella. These sub-sites are nearly identical; however, individualized. Each offers pages for attractions, dining, outfitters, campgrounds, recreation activities, geographic amenities, galleries etc. There is a lot of redundancy. Besides extensive information on the national parks, most river, many lakes, most mountain ranges etc have features written on them.

Look around and see what makes the best fit for you, the opportunities are many.

Standard Display Ad
prices = per year

Standard Display Ads are $240.00 per year for the first business listing, additional profit center links on the appropriate pages will be $60.00 apiece i.e. Acme Hotel (first link $240.00 ), "Beef Dinner House" in the Acme Hotel (# 2 profit center $60.00), Jed's Bar in Acme Hotel (# 3 profit center $$60.00) for a total of $360.00 per year.

A proprietor with multiple but separate businesses will pay $240.00 for the first business and $120.00 for additional businesses.

Our standard links appear as the ones below with a descriptive paragraph and a small photo if you provide one. Businesses like outfitters and real estate will have redundant links throughout all our fifteen communities that come under the umbrella of The Greater Yellowstone Resource Guide. The redundant links will not include a photo.

We prorate billing to January One which means less money out of pocket today.

Samples of standard links

Your ad will be a 300 pixel wide photo and a paragraph linked to your website

Triangle X Ranch • The Triangle X Ranch is an authentic working dude ranch and the only operating guest ranch concession in the nation’s entire National Park system. A dude ranch vacation in Wyoming at Triangle X, offers one of the most complete outdoor recreation packages of any facility in the Mountain West............Located in Jackson Hole, 26 miles north of the town of Jackson, Wyoming, and 32 miles south of Yellowstone National Park, Triangle X sits in the heart of Grand Teton National Park.................The ranch also serves as headquarters to: scenic float trips, guided fishing trips, wilderness pack trips, and big game hunting.
Guest Ranch advertising opportunities Yellowstone
Yellowstone Whitewater Rafting Advertising
Mad River Boat Trips • (Jackson Hole) When you head down the Snake River with Mad River, you're traveling with more than 100 years of river guide experience. Guides are knowledgeable in local lore, Wyoming's rugged and beautiful waters, and advanced rafting safety. You'll find our entire crew prides themselves in providing the very best, most exciting river trip you can take in the Jackson area. Come, grab a paddle and take a trip with Mad River. We guarantee it will be one you remember for a long time.
Jackson Hole Outdoors • Don Wackerman offers anglers the fishing adventure of a lifetime with half-day and full-day float trips on one of North America's top trout streams, the legendary Snake River in the shadow of the breathtaking Grand Teton mountain range.
Fly-fishing advertising opportunities  around Yellowstone

Depending upon the business type, there often is additional redundancy of links.   Some businesses don’t lend themselves to this benefit. Your link likely won’t be on a single page.

Smaller redundant links without photos appear in a feed of many categories i.e. The “Pack Trip” operators will have a link on all 17 community pages. While a prospective guest might be looking in Red Lodge, they might notice your redundant link that will take them to your website to see if your courner of the mountains could be just as good.

Example Below
Pack string, cowboy, Jackson Hole
A pack string high in the mountains of the Greater Yellowstone

Pack Trips into Greater Yellowstone's Back-Country

Pack Trip, horses crossing slough Creek, Yellowstone National Park
A pack trip coming out of the Absaroka Mountains crossing Slough Creek in Yellowstone National Park.

A pack trip into Yellowstone’s backcountry will enable you to explore the wildest parts of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and is an experience you will remember to the end of your days. The best way to experience the full majesty of Yellowstone Country is by traveling on horseback with pack animals to set up camps in the remote heart of the wilderness. More often than not 75% of your positive experience will be of the character that guides you there, Yellowstone cowboys are known for their mountains skills, colorful personalities, knowledge of natural history, human history, and ability too tell a memorable tall tale.

A Yellowstone pack trip may take you over spectacular passes of between 11,000 and 12,000 feet and through pristine mountain valleys with little human presence. Several of America’s mighty rivers of have their beginnings as tiny springs in Yellowstone’s high country. Each valley has its own distinct character with meadows of lupine in one and craggy cliffs in another. Pack trip adventures provide an opportunity to experience the glorious, untamed landscape that is unchanged since the early explorers found it.

When you hire a seasoned and professional packer and his wranglers you usually get accomplished fishing guides as well, the end result is an amazing wilderness experience and unparalleled backcountry fishing. Pack outfitters place an emphasis on the entire experience: taking in the scenery, viewing wildlife, learning new techniques and catching fish.

Wild Yellowstone cutthroat, rainbows, cutbows, browns, brookies and lake trout all reside within the vast watersheds of the park. Most back country trout average from 12"-20" with larger fish found in certain areas. Dry fly fishing with large attractors and hopper patterns is the usual approach during the summer months. Sight-fishing with dry flies for wild, robust trout is what makes this fishing so special.

Traveling in the Yellowstone Backcountry on horseback is a traditional and exciting way to see the park. Only horses, burros, mules, ponies, and llamas may be used as pack animals. Because horses and mules are large animals with big appetites, they have the potential for causing a noticeable impact on the backcountry.

Pack string on pack trip coming out of Heart Lake in Yellowstone National Park
Pack string on pack trip coming out of Heart Lake in Yellowstone National Park

Pack animals selected for a trip in Yellowstone should be well trained, compatible with each other and accustomed to the restraining techniques you plan to use whether they be electric fences, hobbles or pickets. Highlines can be used, but they must be set up and moved often enough so that trees and underlying areas are not damaged. Horses may not be kept overnight at any trailheads or in any of the roadside campgrounds. To camp overnight in the park, you must have a Backcountry Use Permit and use a backcountry campsite that allows horses or stock. None of the sites have corrals, or hitching rails, and tying stock to trees for long periods is not permissible. If you wish to take a daytime ride, call the Backcountry Office for a Day Use Stock Permit.

Campsites and trails may be closed to stock use in the spring and early summer due to wet conditions. Generally, overnight stock use isn't permitted before 01 July. Contact the nearest ranger station or the Backcountry Office for current trail conditions and/or restrictions.

What better way to enjoy the wilds of Yellowstone than to saddle up and head into the mountainous terrain of the peaks and valleys of Yellowstone? Most horses have a graceful and gentle aura, representing the freedom to the wild rugged Absaroka, Gallatin, or Bitterroot mountains of Yellowstone National Park.

Montana Pack Trip Outfitters

Wilderness Pack Trips(Montana/Yellowstone) As experienced backcountry outfitters, Wilderness Pack Trips will take you into special areas, where very few people have ever been. Discovering new areas and sharing them exclusively with our guests is what we are passionate about. Wilderness Pack Trips backcountry trips are provided by the owners, Mike and Erin Thompson. The Thompson’s guide all of the Backcountry trips, insuring that their guests will have a knowledgeable, experienced licensed guide. Mike has traveled over 800 miles horseback each season (15) exclusively in Yellowstone National Park. (That’s over 12,000 miles!)

Wyoming Pack Trip Outfitters
Pack Trip, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Packtrip, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Hidden Basin Outfitters (Jackson Hole WY) Jackson Hole is home to some of the finest big game hunting on earth, where hunters have the opportunity to pursue animals in their natural habitat. Our experienced and fully-licensed guides will lead you and your party in search of cow elk, bull elk, moose, sheep, mule deer, antelope, and bear. For Big Game Hunters Looking for a True Wyoming Experience!

Mill Iron Ranch • (Jackson Hole WY) Mill Iron Ranch has been a Wheeldon family tradition for three generations. We carry on the old cowboy traditions around here, showing the Jackson visitors how to ride, fish, hunt and camp.

Wind River Trophy Hunts • (Pinedale WY) We provide hunters with the unique experience of hunting in the remote backcountry that contains one of the healthiest elk populations in the state of Wyoming. For hunters looking for the ultimate hunting experience - whether it be elk, moose, sheep, antelope, or mountain lions - Wind River Trophy Hunts is your best bet!

Jenkin's Hunting Camp • (Star Valley WY) Larry Jenkins' Hunting Camp has provided Big Game Hunting since the 1970s. His hunting camp is a family run operation where Larry, his wife Shirley, and their two sons and daughter are all part of your hunting experience. Larry and his family have owned and operated their camp for over 30 years. By specializing in pleasing the individual, Larry can gear the hunt to your own abilities and desires. The saddle horses are all mountain trained and gentle enough to carry you all day in safety. However, Larry prefers to ride as little as possible and still get your game. Your not in the saddle all day long. You can expect an average of 80% success rate on buck mule deer. Larry's hunter success on bull elk ranges from 80 to 100% average each year.Many of these bulls are trophys.

Idaho Pack Trip Outfitters

Jake's Horses • (Island Park) All day or by the hour trail rides, alpine lake fishing, hunting, pack trips & guide service. We are located in Island Park, Idaho.


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Banner ads are for the top of subject pages, sometimes they can be more effective elsewhere on a page. Example, if you are a fishing outfitter or gear maker you might want a banner on a featured river page or several. If you are an action sports dealer or rental outfit, you might want to put your banners on ATV, snowmobile or a National Forest page. A wildlife safari company might want to banner some grizzly, moose or National Park pages. A bank might want to banner the Calendar of Events page. A ski shop would find avalanche and Roads & Weather pages good.

Banner ads will have a direct link to your website or just pertinent info on the banner if that is all that is called for. The banner design most not be garish.

Banners start at three banners for $240.00 and each addition banner would be $50.00. Combo Bannery/Standard Display Ad packages are available. We can discuss your needs.

The Greater Yellowstone

For Outdoor Shops, Action Sports Dealers, Manufactures etc Banner Bundles are available. Banners from a bundle would be placed inside text flow, not top-premium on pages that have relevance to the product or service.

  • Bundle of 100 = $2,500.00
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Include your Trip Advisor reviw feed = $480.00

Your ad will be a 650X650 pixels and will include a photo, a linked paragraph and trip advisor review code feed. Set up fee required

Save time, increase success, hire a photography guide
The Hole Picture Photo Safaris

Escape from the routine and indulge your passion for photography in a  “The Hole Picture” photo tour. Discover the spirit of place and the magic of light of our destinations. Refine your personal style. Hone your technical skills. Treat yourself to an experience where you are welcomed by others who are just as passionate at chasing light as yourself. You deserve it!................................more info


Lenticular clouds, photographer, Grand Tetons, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Mix it up
When you buy a display ad, you can ad a banner ad for an additional $60.00. If you have any ad ideas of your own, lets talk about them. For an additional fee the Greater Yellowstone Resource Guide can create your ads and banners. This outfit is short on new fangled wiz bang; however, we can build some nice displays.

Resort Links

The resort links are aimed at the golf and ski resorts and have a pricing model to reflect their many profit centers and their easy access on every page of the site. The Golf and Ski Resort links have an obvious button on every page in the site, in all of our 16 communities which provides generous amounts of exposure. in addition there will be redunt profit center links throughout the site.

Resort links are $695.00 per year and are linked as shown below on every page on the site.

Resort advertising, Yellowstone

Sponsorship opportunities

The Greater Yellowstone Resource Guide has numerous pages on related catagories. If for instance and ATV, camera, boat or SUV mufacturerer or wanted to populate a catagory of pages with display ads and video we could make a deal.

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Father and son horsback riding in Jackson Hole

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